How to Become a 2010 Census Worker

I was perusing my local Penny saver yesterday and saw an ad hiring for 2010 Census Workers. The part that caught my eye was in the small print: temporary, part-time, flexible work paying $15.00-$18.50 per hour. Like most moms of school-age children, I am always interested in finding ways to earn money and work while […]

How to Reduce Your Workers Compensation Premium

Several components add up to how much your annual workers compensation premium will be, if you know what they are and which ones you can control, you can then work on reducing them. Workers compensation insurance premiums are based on a number of components including: • The industry in which the employer operates (the industry […]

Corporate Gift Idea For Employee – Workers!

There are numerous gift stores which can suggest corporate gift ideas for employees/workers. These stores specialise in providing gifts to corporate companies. They can help you get the best business gift for your business. Ideally, they should have some long term usage. They must be of some use to the possessor. Approaching corporate gift shops […]